Morgan Loverro

Portland, Oregon

Morgan Loverro is a novelist out of the Pacific Northwest. Since a young age, she has penned many stories before finally finding her voice. Struggling with depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, Morgan has tried to end the stigma on mental illness through writing interesting, well-rounded characters with similar ailments.
Forcing herself to turn all of that negative energy into positive, she hit her stride when she wrote a young adult novel titled, "Monster in Me." The story centers on a young male protagonist on his journey after being diagnosed as schizo-affective disorder. Because of a misdiagnosis, he has done something quite awful to his friends and now it is up to him (and a pesky friend who refuses to give up on him, Alex) to right all his wrongs... sometimes, quite poorly.
The story is a dark comedy, dealing with adult subject matter such as mental illness, mildly sexual themes, addiction, grief & loss, and ultimately redemption.

Books by Morgan Loverro