Darvin Hoffman

Wears Valley, Tennessee, U.S.A.

After thirty-five years in the college classroom, I retired and moved from the Texas Coast to Wears Valley, TN, near Gatlinburg. I began writing for fun in 2003. Some of my stories are for young children (THE MAGIC KOI and ZACK'S CABOOSE). Others are for pre-teens and early teens (RETURN TO CAPERUS, RED BIRD SUMMER, DINO'S FABULOUS ALL-VOLUNTEER PIANO ARMY, and LEVI AND FRIENDS--a three book series). Junior Popham is my private detective and there are five Junior Popham stories in the bookstore (THE LAST HILL, DINKY MORGAN, NORTH OF TOWN, THE DOG WALKERS and VOICES) . There is a photo book (MY PORCH, MY VIEWS), with photos taken from the back deck of my Wears Valley home. My adult level books include LOGAN'S CHOICE, a story about a young man who is given the opportunity by an Angel to help people. And there is a short story (FACE THE DRAGON) about a young boy who goes to live with his grandparents.

Books by Darvin Hoffman