David S. Chouhan

Taber, AB, Canada

David, AKA "Captain CHOO," is a British born, Canadian raised fellow of South Asian descent, with a unique appreciation for people from all walks of life.
He worked several decades in Manufacturing & Leadership positions within large Corporations, completing extensive training, including Effective Leadership, Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution.
But...he had Life-long skills in Writing, various Art mediums, plus numerous other talents that were not being used!

David's remaining working years include building a business and meaningful Legacy to be passionate about; One that imparts, with his unique style and humour, valuable Lessons and fun Stories to the next generation: Children are our future!

Thus, he's utilized training from Art Instruction Schools, & embraced long buried Art/Fiction abilities, to bring you these Wonderful Captain CHOO books! They combine the writing style of Dr Seuss with morals like Aesop's Fables!

ENJOY wholesome reading with your children!

Books by David S. Chouhan