Jacquelyn Nicholson

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Jacquelyn's books cover a range of topics, from poetry to world based issues or anything under the Son. She was writing poetry from a young age and her book writing began in approx. 2010. Her first poem, through a classroom project in 1978 and published in a local magazine titled Opinions. Her style has evolved over the years into what we read today.

What a shock
out of breath.
Staring in
Where did
the water

Her favorite past times are Genealogy & Photography - Storm chasing, sunsets, and night photography.
Jacquelyn's books are sold through the global network and through her bookstore Ecaabooks

1 part executive, 1 part Entrepreneur - Ecaabooks & Wildsky Horizons, 2 parts Author - Poetry, History & Beyond, 3 parts Photographer - Landscape, Weather & everything else, 4 parts Mum Duties - taxi, chef, doctor & caretaker.

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