Emanuela Bonaffini Illustrations

Montreal, Qc, Canada

I am an illustrator and a character design artist from Italy based in Montreal.

I immigrated to Canada at a young age with the dream of being a cartoonist since Walt Disney movies was all I could watch growing up and opportunities were now vaster.

I now create and illustrate original and whimsical characters in fun or sports-related setting, with my trusty iPad Pro, Apple Pencil. I love to use soft brushes and colours that will mirror that organic feel of pencils on paper.

I help my clients bring their visual identities to life through digital hand-drawn authentic creations, from illustrated original characters to concept art for character design.

My value is known into bringing a rough yet polished feel to my designs to help my clients bring life into their brand.

But my main source of inspiration when it comes to humour in my work, I find it in my pets at home. For more serious-looking work, I turn my head to sports for inspiration but more specifically basketball.

Areas of Expertise

I am honoured to be the trusted artist for many athletes, collaborating with them to empower the intersection of sports and art.

I specialize in bringing my clients' visual identities to life through fun, dynamic, authentic hand-drawn digital illustrations. My unique value lies in creating a rough yet refined aesthetic into my work, breathing life into their brands.

Professional Affiliations

I was put in charge of conceptualizing and creating one mascot for a region participating in the Jeux du Québec, an organism responsible to bring youth across the province together through competitive and multidisciplinary sports.

I also had the pleasure of working with a Montreal basketball team, the Toundra who plays in the BSL. I was able to create a colourful and original superhero character which took elements from their team logo so they could use it to attract new fans.

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