Geoff Piper Photography

Denver, Colorado

Freelance landscape, nature and travel photographer based in Denver, Colorado.

While I focus mainly on landscapes and seascapes, I also have keen interests in night sky imagery, cityscapes and night time architecture, and wildlife photography.

Chasing the light drives my photography and travels. I spend my time searching for and shooting the most beautiful locations I can find all over the world. I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, but I have lived all over The United States (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Georgia, California, Texas, Arizona and now of course Colorado) as well as abroad in Sydney, Australia.

My aim with my work is to share my travels and depiction of nature, but also to bring attention to nature, preservation and conservation. My love for the outdoors and nature began as a young child and through photography I have deepened that love and appreciation!

Areas of Expertise

Landscape, seascape, night sky and sometimes animals

Books by Geoff Piper Photography