Jefree Shalev

Jacksonville, FL USA

Jefree Shalev is a writer and photographer living and working in Jacksonville, Florida. He received his BS in Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology in 1983 where he was a contributor to the school’s Architecture Journal and graduated with honors. Throughout the years, he has worked in the arts as a photographer, a writer about the arts, a mixed media artist, a gallerist, a curator, and a member of the City of Jacksonville’s Arts in Public Places committee. He has also appeared as a panelist at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville for a discussion of opportunities and developments in contemporary art.

In 2014, he launched a photography journal, American Pie magazine, where he is the Creative Director. Each issue is devoted to a different subject, but a sharp and oft-times ironic eye on the built environment and the society in which he finds himself always runs through the work.

Books by Jefree Shalev