Jamie Red


James DeWitt spent 25+ years in the Air Force. While serving in the Air Force, he was blessed doing things that no one else had ever done nor ever will do. However, this book is not about those missions; but about being born in the swamps of Florida, just outside a little fishing village named Homosassa. The house in the swamps had no screens and holes in the walls, but enough love for a city. James went from the swamps to the White House. Strange things do happen. But that’s the next edition.

Now at 79 years of age, he’s retired, serves as a Gideon, does jail ministry, and likes to tell stories (some are even true). He is married to his wife Susie of 36 years. He is survived by his three children, R.J., Christy, and Angie. James has 5 grandchildren: Nicole, C.J., Raven, Liam, and Cierra. He has written five books but recently decided to share only this story under the nom de plume "Jamie Red" - made from his four names: James Ronald Edward DeWitt. Nuff Said!

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