barbara seidel

tiburon, claifornia

As a creative activist, my focus lies in the transformative nature of the creative process and the ongoing interaction between inner and outer experience. Life is my practice. My work promotes visual and psychic awareness.

I participate in a deeply immersive relationship between consciousness, culture and cosmos. Books are an extension of that work. Acting as visual and verbal sketchbooks, they provide clear statements of who I once was and assist in releasing old patterns. These abstract visual diaries are continually unfolding, linking psychic, electronic and physical space. Waking up in our multidimensional world, I collect data from many sources including nature, dreams, ancient wisdom and the crisis of our times.

I seek liberation, freedom from the constraints I have imposed on my unsuspecting self and am attempting to use the paranormal capacities that we have been given to grasp what is happening at the edge of awareness, reaching out to sparks from the source.

Books by barbara seidel