David Andrade

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I am a freelance photographer from North Hollywood, CA.

I discovered my love of photography while backpacking through South America in my late twenties. Photography has taken me all over the world including: Egypt, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, China, South Korea, Hungary, The Netherlands, Vietnam, Cambodia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

I enjoy shooting portraits and sharing compelling stories. Some of my favorite moments in the field include shooting for NGO’s such as World Central Kitchen and Homeboy Industries. Both of these clients, while different, allow me to share stories of the human experience that would otherwise go untold.

I believe that the my work shooting street, lifestyle, boudoir, and for NGOs informs how I view the world around me. I am a better human being as a result of all of these cumulative experiences.

Books by David Andrade