Ineta Love Wonder


Ineta is an accomplished photographer and author. Her work has been published in numerous publications and shown in media locally, nationally and internationally. Publications include National Geographic, The New Barker Magazine, Peterson Field Guide, Central Park Conservancy, Superkids Reading Program and several others.

The biggest Ineta’s accomplishment was a showing of her photo in Times Square Billboard Premiere on June 18, 2012. According to NYC papers, only 1% of 35,000 entries were selected. Also, Ineta was a still photographer for a local short film “A Lot in Common… Shared Memories” that was selected to show in local Film Festival and Movieville International Film Festival in 2012. On October 5, 2013, her photo was projected in a group showing on the 42-story building in Long Island, NY.

Ineta self-published 12 books and lives her dream of being photographer, wonder seeker, and author. She goes by her pen name Ineta Love Wonder.

Books by Ineta Love Wonder