David Aiello

Syracuse, New York, United States of America

My Testimony:
There is no Strength, no Height, no Depth, no Intelligence, no Love or Mercy, no Greatness or Lack that is not known and contained in the Presence of God in which we all live; seen or unseen. When we are marked and begin to stride towards the end of our own circumstances we glimpse a piece of what is already there. Christ is just waiting to reveal a world that is far more than we experience. He is waiting for you to journey towards Him. He is waiting for your new supernatural life. Choose Him. Choose Life. Choose Peace. Choose Wholeness. Choose to close the gap between the World of your Life and the World that is your True Real. God is Real! His Son is Real! Seek and Find what you've always needed and be rewarded with more than you can imagine! He is a Living God!

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