Christin Baker Stacey Powell

Nashville TN

Christin Baker and Stacey Powell are a dynamic and inspiring couple known for their passion for storytelling and empowering others. Christin is a celebrated filmmaker and CEO of Tello Films, where she creates groundbreaking Lesbian / Queer content. Stacey, a certified life coach and the host of the travel show "Lez Go Travel Show!", brings her vibrant energy and wisdom to their joint projects.

Together, they co-authored "Get Off the Dating Apps! Journal To Find Your Soul Mate," a journal that blends their unique perspectives on love and personal growth. Their relationship is a testament to the power of authenticity and intentional living, and they are dedicated to helping others find meaningful connections through their work.

Whether traveling the world, creating impactful media, or coaching individuals towards their best selves, Christin and Stacey exemplify a partnership rooted in love, creativity, and a shared mission to inspire and uplift others.

Books by Christin Baker Stacey Powell