Allan Camba


Allan Torres Camba is a Filipino-American teacher who enjoys being creative by producing music, short stories, and educational content online. He is the founder of Kultura Academy under the Riverboy Studios Professional and Continuing Education.

Born and raised, during his childhood, in a riverside home in Masidem--a small village in Bani, Pangasinan Philippines, Camba grew up with the richness of the Filipino culture in a simple way of living. During the summer, as a child, he enjoyed being at the river, racing tiny sailboats made of used flip-flops, plastic bags, and fishball sticks. For children in the province, fun didn't end with the summer, because during the rainy seasons, they spent countless times catching tadpoles or simply playing in the rain.

From his humble beginnings, he went on to finish his bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington and his master's degree in Anthropology & Archaeology at Harvard University.

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