Kathryn W. Lerch

Indianapolis, IN

I received a BA in history from Scripps College and MA in European History from University of Illlinois and am a former Summer Seminarian at West Point in 2004. I am the recipient of awards from the American Legion, the Indiana Historical Society, the DAR and Indianapolis WW2 Round Table. I have taught European History, Military History, Historiography at the secondary level, and German at secondary and college levels. I founded and direct the Legacy Initiative Project, whose mission is to provide hands-on history research opportunities for students. In 2003 our project partnered with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. Hundreds of the best wartime oral histories, letters and diaries have been published in five anthologies, three monographs, as well as WW1 and WW2 themed travel journals. I have lived, studied, and traveled extensively in Europe with family, groups of students and adults. See our website for more details and resources:

Books by Kathryn W. Lerch