Stephen Max

Edmonton AB Canada

Dive into the vibrant world of Antonio Diego Voci through the eyes of Stephen Max, a true aficionado of Voci's mesmerizing artistry. Not just a collector, but a guardian of Voci's legacy, Stephen Max has woven his passion and expertise into the fabric of the art world. Stephen's journey alongside Voci's creations has been nothing short of extraordinary.
Venture into the pages of Canvas of Dreams, where Stephen's boundless devotion to Voci's oeuvre springs to life. A maestro of curation, Stephen unveils the hidden gems of Voci's repertoire, breathing new life into the master's lesser-known works. But this tome is more than a mere biography—it's a kaleidoscope of dreams, a testament to the enduring friendship between Stephen and the enigmatic Voci, a bond forged in the heart of the seventies and echoing through the decades.

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