Poesy Roe

Nashville, TN

Brandi ‘Poesy’ Roe has a deep love for beauty and soul-stirring words. She fills her days with vibrant colors, long walks in nature, and impromptu dance parties around her home in Nashville, TN. Ever the hopeless romantic, she often sings along to the enchanting melodies of Ella & Louis records while making dinner.

More than anything, she loves to soak up and reveal the beauty of people and places—whether through her pen, music, camera, or makeup brushes. Her magic lies in reminding people who they are and helping them express their creativity and beauty.

She believes with every fiber of her being that you are magic. Your design is intentional. Your essence is the one-of-a-kind poetry that we need in the world. She hopes the words you find here will encourage and inspire you to listen to the creative nudges of your heart and follow them with devotional, wild abandon.

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