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With today's all-time high of message overload, businesses have a tough time standing out. Instead, many simply blend in, and spend a fortune trying to be heard or seen at all.

The biggest problem is using common, me-too claims and brand pitches that sounds the same as everyone else, no matter different your brand may actually be. That's where we come in.

David Brier, winner of over 300 industry awards, is the Chief Gravity Defyer for DBD International. Under his direction, clients across the US and internationally have seen the power of design and its ability to help products, events and services rise above the noise. In addition to writing widely published articles, David has authored of a number of books on design and typography along with many articles covering branding, packaging, design and what it means to change the world, one brand at a time.

Areas of Expertise

We love to take a new business that needs a new brand voice (or taking an existing business that needs freshening up)—or one that's simply in a mid-life crisis—and breathing new life into the business and turning it around.

Finding that backdoor to success for our clients' branding goals. Designing killer designs that win recognition and consumer loyalty for our clients and success for their business goals and projects.

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