Rich Fowler


Born in Cincinnati, on December 25, 1947, “Rich” graduated from Greenhills High School in 1966 and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Rio Grande College in December of 1972. During this phase of his life Rich was far more interested in athletics than photography. Upon completion of his military service with the USAF in 1976, he returned to Ohio where he spent six years as the Athletic Director for Ohio State University Lima Campus before moving on to Navajo Community Collage where he taught Health & Physical Education while coaching both women's volleyball and men's basketball.
Rich and his wife opened the Brush & Palette Frame Shop 1995 and discovered the joy of photography in 2014. Although he enjoys landscape photography he spends much of his time shooting local high school sports teams which allows him to continue his involvement with athletics. You can see more of Rich's images at the Brush & Palette Frame Shop Facebook Page.

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