Kingston Walters


Kingston Zoom Walters, also known as, King Zoom The Vegan Kid, is a sixteen year old vegan, neurodivergent, feminist, social justice activist and environmentalist.

His early passion for speaking up against injustices towards animals, humans and the planet evolved into speaking at many events across North America.

Kingston has gained a reputation for inspiring audiences and motivating them to take action through his speeches and his you tube content, which includes, "Monday Munchies"

King Zoom has two children's books written about his animal activism; "King Zoom and The Great Seal Pup" (2015) and King Zoom The Vegan Kid: Animals Used For Food" (2018).

Kingston was awarded the Animal Hero Kids Kind2All Award in 2019 and has contributed his recipes to Animal Hero Kids, Afro Vegan Society and PETA Kids.

He lives with his mom and rescued boxer dog, 'Ms.Paisley' in British Columbia , Canada.

Books by Kingston Walters